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Specialisation in Corporate Finance and Control

In the Master’s specialisation in Corporate Finance and Control, you:

  • gain an in-depth understanding of the interplay between financial markets and the actions of large corporations, including  multinationals;
  • become a specialist in corporate finance, corporate governance, risk management and firm valuation;
  • gain an in-depth understanding of international standards of financial accounting and reporting methods;
  • understand the economic and managerial implications of corporate finance decisions, also from the perspective of modern institutional insights.

How can financial managers increase their company’s value for their shareholders and stakeholders in a continuously globalising world economy? How do managers decide on the best investment and how much to invest? How can and should a company finance its operations? How does sustainable finance affect corporate decision making? The Master’s programme in Corporate Finance and Control provides you with the latest theory and research, focusing on all the essential scientific and practical aspects that deal with the financial management and governance of modern firms. Graduates of Corporate Finance and Control are well equipped for careers as corporate financial managers, financial controllers, or business consultants in multinational companies and small and medium-sized enterprises.

This specialisation differs from the other specialisations in the Master’s in Economics in that it focuses strongly on the interplay between the actions of corporations and financial markets. It can be positioned between the specialisations Accounting and Control (with an internal focus in the organisation) and Financial Economics (focusing on financial markets). The new course Societal Challenges in Economics integrates state-of-the-art discussions on sustainable finance and its effects on the financial eco-system, and considers innovations in FinTech.

Master's Thesis

Your Master’s Thesis consists of an individual research project during which you investigate a topic of your choice in Corporate Finance and Control under the close supervision of our expert staff. Students can opt to work on large-scale financial databases or to conduct their research in the field in collaboration with an organisation.

Elective courses
This specialisation is tailor-made, so we offer no elective courses.