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Specialisation in International Economics and Development

In the Master’s specialisation International Economics and Development, you gain an in-depth understanding of

  • the economic situation in low and middle-income countries.
  • the roots of poverty and inequality
  • the factors influencing human development and economic growth
  • the major theories and approaches in the field
  • advanced research methods and statistical tools
  • important sources of development data and indicators
  • knowledge instruments and visualisation techniques
  • specific topics in international economics and development, such as the role of technology, culture, gender or conflicts.

We offer you a state-of-the-art curriculum in International Economics and Development with a solid empirical and analytical focus on the low income and middle-income countries of the Global South. As the Department of Economics and Business Economics hosts one of the world’s largest databases for developing countries, this specialisation offers you a unique opportunity to analyse poverty, inequality, and economic development in these countries in an international context. Using recent theoretical insights and modern empirical methods, you become actively involved in comparative research on issues in developing countries, such as the impact of globalisation on economic growth, corruption, the education of children, child labour and women’s empowerment. You learn to use specific knowledge instruments and apply visualisation techniques on development data.
The new course Societal Challenges in Economics integrates state-of-the-art discussions on sustainable development and the question of how economists consider climate change and asks how digital transformation affects markets and businesses.

Master’s Thesis
Your Master’s Thesis consists of an individual research project in which you investigate a topic of your choice in the field of International Economics and Development under the supervision of our expert staff. Here you can find our research topics. You may also opt to conduct your research in collaboration with an international institution or non-governmental organisation.

Elective courses
By choosing electives appropriately, you can tailor the programme to your specific interests. Elective courses include Behavioural Economics & Policy and Rise of the BRIC Countries. You can also choose a development economics-related course elsewhere.