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Specialisation in International Political Economy

In the Master’s specialisation International Political Economy, you will gain an in-depth understanding of

  • theories (schools) from economics and political sciences;
  • the relationship between economics and politics;
  • the international financial system;
  • the dynamics of international trade and foreign direct investments;
  • quantitative and qualitative research methods;
  • the role of power in international economic relations;
  • the role of culture (embeddedness) for explaining differences in political and economic systems and international negotiations;
  • the causes and consequences of development (and underdevelopment);
  • the impact of emerging economies on the economic world order;
  • the causes and consequences of crises in the world political economy.

With the knowledge and skills you acquire in International Political Economy, you become an expert in analysing and solving problems in various fields of international relations. You receive comprehensive training in researching international economic and political issues. This programme prepares you for positions in international organisations (including European organisations), multinational corporations, and non-governmental organisations.
The new course Societal Challenges in Economics integrates state-of-the-art discussions on sustainable development and the question of how economists consider climate change and asks how digital transformation affects markets and businesses.
Due to the relatively large proportion of political science courses, this Master’s specialisation distinguishes itself from the other Master’s specialisations in Economics at Radboud University.

Master’s Thesis
Your Master’s Thesis consists is an individual research project in which you investigate a topic of your choice in the field of International Political Economy under the supervision of our expert staff. Here you can find a selection of topics of our research. You may also opt to conduct your research in collaboration with an international institution or non-governmental organisation.

IPE elective courses
The International Political Economy programme encompasses a broad range of courses on economic policy, comparative economics, international economics and international relations. By choosing elective courses from this broad range, you can tailor the programme even more specifically to your own interests. Electives include Culture and Institutions, Inequality and Development, Macroeconomics and Policy, The Rise of the BRICs, The Politics of Reform and Current Issues in EBP/IB/IED.