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Goals and career prospects

Goals and competencies
At the end of the Master's programme in Environment and Society Studies, students are independently able to:

  • Theory: Describe, explain and evaluate different theories and concepts relating to environment and society, and apply them to contemporary complex environmental and sustainability issues and their governance.
  • Research: Design a research project: to systematically collect and analyse data, draw conclusions, formulate recommendations and contribute to societal change.
  • Application: Describe and analyse environmental and sustainability challenges, in the context of changing roles of state, market and civil society, focusing on the opportunities of societal and policy transformations at a local, national, European and global level.
  • Communication: Correctly write and edit a scientific report and adequately communicate the research results with practitioners, scientists and students.
  • Reflection: Critically reflect upon the theoretical, methodological and normative aspects of scientific research and critically reflect upon the theoretical and normative aspects of societal practices relating to environment and sustainability.

Career prospects 
You will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to begin a career as an environmental practitioner, policy-maker or academic. After completing the programme, you will be able to:

  • Use relevant social science concepts and theories to analyse and clarify social change on the road towards a sustainable future.
  • Analyse and design policy change for sustainability, including the methods of policy analysis, transition management and evaluation of policy.
  • Analyse, shape and realise collaboration of the public and private parties involved.
  • Write policy briefs, strategic plans or a position paper on the environment and society.
  • Analyse lobbying and advocacy work in issues of sustainability.
  • Work together in a professional and goal-oriented way in a wide range of social settings (interdisciplinary teams of experts, consultation and negotiation), taking into consideration other individuals' standpoints, positions and values.

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