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Specialisation in Globalisation, Migration and Development

The Master's specialisation in Globalisation, Migration and Development addresses the dynamics and impact of globalisation on economies, societies and resources in various parts of the world. One specific process we give special attention to is that of human mobility, linking this to external changes such as climate change, shifts in economic perspectives and notions of development, but also to the emergence of transnational identities. Dynamics in urban-rural transitions is another field we devote part of the programme too. In an overall sense the main focus is on the so-called Global South. However in this focus we also pay ample attention to interactions with the so-called Global North, including the shifting paradigms and allegiances linked to the notion of development.

Some suggestions for Elective courses (but others are possible)
You are free to choose courses provided that these add up to at least 12 EC and are taught at a Master’s level. The choice of courses should relate to your own interests and needs (notably for your Master Thesis Research) but also logically relate to the other courses taught in this specialisation. You can choose courses from one of the other Human Geography Master Specialisations or select these from related Master’s programmes elsewhere. Examples are: