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Specialisation in Urban and Cultural Geography

The Master's specialisation in Urban and Cultural Geography focuses on how the city is represented and how city images emerge and are contested. You study the hybrid nature and daily struggles of urban life, as well as the cultural diversity and political economy of the city.

Some suggestions for Elective courses (but others are possible)
You’re free to choose courses that add up to at least 12 EC and meet your interests and needs (for your Master Thesis Research) as long as they, in some way, can be linked to this specialisation and are taught at Master’s level. You can also choose courses from one of the other Human Geography Master Specialisations or from other related Master’s programmes, for example:

  • Globalising Cities & Hinterlands (Geography)
  • Placemaking and Spatial Practice (Geography)
  • Tourism (Creative Industries)
  • Space, Place and Society (Wageningen UR)
  • Environmental Psychology (Wageningen UR)
  • Metropolitan Governance and Spatial Planning (University of Amsterdam)
  • Social Challenges for the City in a Globalising World (University of Amsterdam)
  • Culturele Diversiteit (Utrecht University)
  • Social challenges for the city in a globalizing world (University of Amsterdam)
  • Leisure and Space in the Information Society (Tilburg University)
  • Thema: Cultuur, maatschappij en geschiedenis (Tilburg University)
  • Cities and Neighbourhoods (Utrecht University)
  • Representeren van plaatsen; beelden en teksten (University of Groningen)
  • Making Places (University of Groningen)
  • Culture, Conflict and the City (Manchester)
  • Popular Urban Cultures (Manchester)
  • Urban Interventions (Helsinki)
  • Urban Social Geography (Brussels)
  • Or explore further options yourself.