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Pre-Master's International students

The pre-Master’s programme takes one academic year (max. 60 EC) and consists of key courses from the regular Bachelor’s programme and courses that teach students academic research proficiencies and methods. The pre-Master’s programme consist of the following courses:

Course Course code Periods Course load
Strategic Human Resource Management MAN-BCU008A 1 6 EC
Methods of Research and Intervention MAN-MOR002 1 6 EC
Qualitative Research Methods MAN-BPRA347EN 1 and 2 6 EC
Introduction to Organisation Design MAN-BCU360 2 6 EC
Statistics MAN-MOR004 2 6 EC
Strategy MAN-BCU012EN 3 6 EC
Quantitative Research Methods MAN-BPRA247EN 3 6 EC
Project Responsible Organisation 2: Business Analysis for Responsible Organisation MAN-BPRO363 3 and 4 6 EC
Marketing MAN-BCU2008 4 6 EC
Organisation and Environment MAN-MOR003 4 6 EC
Total course load 60 EC