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Pre-Master's programme Non-economic Bachelor's programme from a Dutch university

Below, you can find an overview of all pre-Master's options for students with a non-economic Bachelor's programme from a Dutch university*:

* For students from the Bachelor's programmes in Bedrijfskunde/ International Business Administration and Rechtsgeleerdheid of Radboud University we offer a different pre-Master's programme.

Note that depending on your previous education, you may have to follow some deficiency courses before being admitted to either of the specific pre-Master's programmes for other Dutch university’s Bachelor’s programmes. The Examination Board determines if you receive an exemption for these courses. 
The deficiencies are:

* The course 'Accounting, the language of business' is only a deficiency course for students who want to follow the pre-Master's programme (and the corresponding Master's specialisation) Accounting and Control or Corporate Finance and Control.