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Pre-master Accounting and Control

This pre-Master’s programme for incoming students from HBO programmes only provides access to the Master’s specialisation Accounting and Control. The pre-Master’s programme consists of the following courses:

Course Course code Period Course load
Academic Skills, Mathematics and Statistics MAN-BIN119A 1 6 EC
Corporate Finance MAN-BCU2020 1 6 EC
Accounting for Performance Management MAN-BCU2004 2 6 EC
Econometrics (Pre-master) MAN-BPRA203PM 2 6 EC
History of Economics MAN-BCU302 1 and 2 6 EC
Voortgezet Boekhouden* or Investment Management MAN-BCU328 or MAN-BCU3022 3 6 EC
Accounting for Sustainable Societies MAN-BCU3016 3 6 EC
Financial Accounting and Reporting MAN-BCU2016 4 6 EC
Bachelor’s Thesis in Economics MAN-BIM304A 3 and 4 12 EC
Total course load 60 EC

* Students with HBO diplomas in “Bedrijfseconomie” (business economics) or Accountancy can be exempted from the course “Voortgezet Boekhouden” (advanced bookkeeping). When you request admission, you must indicate whether you would like to make use of this exemption. If you intend to pursue a degree programme in order to become a registeraccountant (similar to a chartered accountant) after you have completed your degree programme, we recommend that you contact your study advisor to check for any deficiencies or missing requirements for the subsequent programme.