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Pre-master Economics, Behaviour and Policy

This pre-Master’s programme for incoming students from HBO programmes only provides access to the Master’s specialisation Economics, Behaviour and Policy. The pre-Master’s programme consists of the following courses:

Course Course code Period Course load
Academic Skills, Mathematics and Statistics MAN-BIN119A 1 6 EC
International Economics MAN-BCU2021 1 6 EC
Macroeconomics MAN-BCU163EN 2 6 EC
Econometrics (Pre-master) MAN-BPRA203PM 2 6 EC
History of Economics MAN-BCU302 1 and 2 6 EC
Topics in International Economics and Policy MAN-BCU3018 3 6 EC
Behavioural and Experimental Economics MAN-BCU2041 3 6 EC
Microeconomics MAN-BCU164EN 4 6 EC
Bachelor’s Thesis in Economics MAN-BIM304A 3 and 4 12 EC
Total course load 60 EC