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Functional Genomics

What are genes? What do gene products do? How do they do it? Which traits are developmentally determined and which are still actionable in adult organisms? How can the fundamental knowledge gained through genomics be used to improve health and the environment? You learn the answers to these and other questions in the challenging learning trajectory Functional Genomics, that culminates in a three-month individual hands-on internship in a research setting.

Coordinator: Klaas Mulder

The table below shows which courses are part of the learning trajectory Functional Genomics.

Courses Functional Genomics
General Phase (first 6 quarters, mandatory for all learning trajectories)
Course Period Type of course
NWI-BP012C Statistics 1 (3 EC) Year 1, Q1 general, mandatory
NWI-BP007C Cellular Biochemistry (6 EC) Year 1, Q2 general, mandatory
NWI-BP010C Molecular Biology and Recombinant DNA (3 EC) Year 1, Q2 general, mandatory
NWI-BP031 Genomics and Big Data (6 EC) Year 1, Q3 general, mandatory
NWI-BP024C Mathematics for Biologists (3 EC) Year 1, Q4 general, mandatory
NWI-FCEM02B Writing about Science (3 EC) Year 2, Q2 general, mandatory
Differentiation Phase
NWI-BB019B Immunology (6 EC) Year 2, Q3 elective
NWI-BB043B Plant Genome Analysis (6 EC) Year 2, Q3 elective
NWI-BB089 Quantitative Bioimaging in Health and Disease (6 EC) Year 2, Q3 elective
NWI-BB093 Statistics 2 (3 EC) Year 2, Q3 general, mandatory
NWI-BB017C Advanced Molecular Biology (6 EC) Year 2, Q4 core
NWI-BB047C Medical Embryology (6 EC) Year 2, Q4 elective
NWI-BB087 Population and Evolutionary Biology (6 EC) Year 2, Q4 elective
NWI-FFIL100 Philosophy & Ethics of Science (3 EC) Year 2, Q4 general, mandatory
NWI-BB083B Ecological Theory and Data Analysis Year 3, Q1 elective
NWI-MOL107 RNA Structure and Function (6 EC) Year 3, Q1 elective
NWI-BB086 Genomics for Health and Environment (12 EC) Year 3, Q1 preferred elective
NWI-MOL104 Medical Biotechnology (6 EC) Year 3, Q1 elective
NWI-BB095 Introduction to R programming in Biology (3 EC) Year 3, Q1 elective
NWI-BB084B Molecular Principles of Development (6 EC) Year 3, Q2 elective
NWI-BB036B Applied Ecology (6 EC) Year 3, Q3 elective
NWI-BB064B Functional Genomics (6 EC) Year 3, Q3 core
NWI-BB099 Biology Essay (3 EC) Year 3, Q3 general, mandatory
NWI-BB-STAGE Bachelor Internship (12 EC) Year 3, Q4 general, mandatory
NWI-BB076B Bachelor Portfolio (3 EC) Year 3, Q4 general, mandatory