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The central question in the learning trajectory Neurobiology is: what are the key principles of the functioning of the brain in health and disease? Topics include how the brain generates behaviour, and what are the basic mechanisms of perceptual and cognitive systems, the distinct cell classes of the nervous system, the anatomical, chemical and electrical characteristics of neurons and synapses, the developmental aspects of various organ systems including the brain, the morphological, cellu­lar and molecular aspects of neurodevelopmental processes, the functional organisations of the visual, auditory, vestibular and oculomotor systems including the simulation of elementary neural models, the general principles underlying motor representations, the neural principles of sensory-motor integration, the basic clinical aspects of neurological diseases, and the biological mechanisms (from molecule to man, discussing various - genetically modified - cell/animal models) in order to understand these diseases.

The content of the various Neurobiology courses is based on the book "Principles of Neuroscience" by Eric R. Kandel, 5th Edition.

Coordinator: Sharon Kolk

The table below shows which courses are part of the learning trajectory Neurobiology.

Courses Neurobiology
General Phase (first 6 quarters, mandatory for all learning trajectories)
Course Period Type of course
NWI-BP004C Animal Evolution and Adaptation (6 EC) Year 1, Q1 general, mandatory
NWI-BP012C Statistics 1 (3 EC) Year 1, Q1 general, mandatory
NWI-BP007C Cellular Biochemistry (6 EC) Year 1, Q2 general, mandatory
NWI-BP010C Molecular Biology and Recombinant DNA (3 EC) Year 1, Q2 general, mandatory
NWI-BP031 Genomics and Big Data (6 EC) Year 1, Q3 general, mandatory
NWI-BP024C Mathematics for Biologists (3 EC) Year 1, Q4 general, mandatory
NWI-BP032 Human Biology (6 EC) Year 1, Q4 general, mandatory
NWI-BB085C Brain and Behaviour (6 EC) Year 2, Q1 general, mandatory
NWI-FCEM02B Writing about Science (3 EC) Year 2, Q2 general, mandatory
Differentiation Phase
NWI-BB089 Quantitative Bioimaging in Health and Disease (6 EC) Year 2, Q3 elective
NWI-BB092 Neural Basis of Cognition and Perception (6 EC) Year 2, Q3 core
NWI-BB093 Statistics 2 (3 EC) Year 2, Q3 general, mandatory
NWI-BB047C Medical Embryology (6 EC) Year 2, Q4 elective
NWI-BB094 Neurons and Synapses (6 EC) Year 2, Q4 core
NWI-FFIL100 Philosophy & Ethics of Science (3 EC) Year 2, Q4 general, mandatory
MED-B3MIN16 Translational Neuroscience (11 EC) & NWI-MEDMIN16-1 (1EC) Year 3, Q1 + Q2 elective
NWI-BB080C Neural Basis of Motor Control (6 EC) Year 3, Q1 elective
NWI-BB095 Introduction to R programming in Biology (3 EC) Year 3, Q1 elective
NWI-BB021B Neurobiophysics Year 3, Q2 elective
NWI-BB039C Neurodevelopment Year 3, Q2 elective
NWI-BB084B Molecular Principles of Development (6 EC) Year 3, Q2 elective
NWI-BB081B Cognitive Neuroimaging (6 EC) Year 3, Q3 elective
NWI-BB098 Medical Neurobiology (6 EC) Year 3, Q3 elective
NWI-BB099 Biology Essay (3 EC) Year 3, Q3 general, mandatory
NWI-BB-STAGE Bachelor Internship (12 EC) Year 3, Q4 general, mandatory
NWI-BB076B Bachelor Portfolio (3 EC) Year 3, Q4 general, mandatory