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Portfolio (before cohort 22-23)

All students at the Faculty of Science are required to develop a personal portfolio during their studies. The portfolio will contain products created and graded during regular courses, such as scientific reports, presentations and essays. On top of that the portfolio will contain your personal reflection on your study process and study planning through special portfolio exercises. The portfolio will help you become more aware of the choices that you can and have to make throughout the bachelor’s programme. To sum up, the portfolio will help you define, aim and steer towards a future (academic) career that fits you best.

Why a portfolio?

Research shows that students without any indication of what they want to pursue after they graduate, are more likely to drop out, or have study delays, due to lack of motivation. The portfolio is an instrument to help you find information and help you think about these plans, and by putting them into words, make them explicit. At the same time, the portfolio is a source of information for your student advisor and portfolio supervisor.


During each year of the Bachelor you will have to complete several assignments. Make sure that you finish all the assignments and that you organise the obligatory portfolio meetings (two during B1, one at the end of B2 and one after your Bachelor internship). More information on these assignments can be found in the Brightspace course ‘Bachelor Portfolio Biosciences’. If you do not have access to this page or if you have any questions, send an email to the portfolio alias (portfolio.biosciences@ru.nl).