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Skills: Guidelines and Rubrics

During your Bachelor’s in Biology programme, you will work on a myriad of study goals and competences1 (= a cluster of knowledge, skills and attitude), apart from the learning goals within each course that are mainly meant to master certain theory.

To help you achieve these important goals and competences, we have created general guidelines and rubrics associated with different skills that are used during the Bachelor. They give you an idea of what we expect from you as a student, and can help you while working on your projects during the different courses.

Note the presented rubrics give a general indication on the aspects that you are scored on. Lecturers may adapt the weight and scoring of these general rubrics (or choose to use their own rubric; especially in the differentiation phase). Therefore, always check the information presented by the course coordinator.

Keeping a laboratory notebook

Writing a scientific report

Designing a scientific poster

Giving an oral presentation

Professional Learning Attitude (PLA) - teamwork

Students can use the PLA rubrics to give each other feedback during:

Skills portal

Note that links to the previous guidelines and rubrics, as well as information on other skills needed during the Bachelor’s in Biology programme (including instructions, examples and self-study assignments) can also be found via the skills portal:  www.science.ru.nl/biologyskills

Here you can find information on:

  • Anatomical terms
  • Drawing rules
  • Laboratory science clips: appliances and techniques
  • Basic chemistry and calculations
  • Data processing in Excel
  • Scientific databases and search engines
  • Reference management (using e.g. EndNote and Mendeley)


1 Course guide Bachelor’s in Biology – General information – Goals and competences