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(Un)enrolment for courses

Dear students,

Please keep in mind the following when enrolling for courses:

  1. Do it timely: https://www.ru.nl/courseguides/science/rules-requests/courses-exams/registering-courses-exams/
  2. Do it wisely 1: only enrol for courses you really want to follow.
    1. Lecturers make plans for work groups etc.. They depend on your participation
    2. All schedulers need to know how many students will take part in the course, to make sure a big (or small) enough room is booked for the teaching activities on campus. This also allows for a smoother schedule.
  3. Do it wisely 2: if you only want to take part in the exam (and consider it your resit, since you took part in the course the year(s) before), only subscribe to the exam and do not enrol for course activities. Check Brightspace for new information, and if needed the course coordinator.
    1. When enrolling for the exam, you get access to the information on Brightspace, but you are not considered as a course participant. So you will not be placed in e.g. a work group, or added to the number of students that need to fit in a lecture room.
  4. Enrol for a back-up course when enrolling for a ‘waiting list course’: you might not get added to the actual course.
  5. Unenroll timely from courses you will not follow, i.e. well before the course starts.
    1. Lecturers make plans for work groups etc.. They need to know timely how many students will join the course.
  6. Unenroll timely from a waiting list, if you decide not to follow that course.
    1. You make way for a fellow student that is also on the waiting list.

Some extra info on waiting lists:

  • All courses with a cap (maximum number of participants) within the (medical) biology curriculum have a waiting list, and with most of them students are placed on the waiting list immediately. During the registration period, or in the week after the registration period is closed, students that can join will be moved from the waiting list to the actual course list. NB: this is not an automated system, this needs to be done by hand.
    • Some courses have specified which students have priority (see attachment below for an example)
    • Some courses have special requests from students (see attachment below for an example)

Examples of waiting lists

  • Some courses only have a ‘first come first serve’ waiting list. The student that enrolled the earliest, get placed on the course list, until the maximum of participants is reached. So if you then unenroll from the course, the next student will automatically be placed from the waiting list onto the course list. This automated system stops when the registration period is closed. After that it needs to be checked by hand.
  • The course coordinators decide if their course needs a cap (mostly based on availability of lab space and instruments, or excursion space), and for most courses the course coordinators are involved in deciding which student groups have priority.