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Programme B2

The first semester of the second year is the last part of the general phase, and all courses in this phase are mandatory. An overview is given in the table below.

1st Semester, 1st Quarter
1st Semester , 2nd Quarter
two options EN and NL (all LT)

In the second semester you will be able to choose from a wide range of courses. The 6 ECTS courses are always scheduled on a Monday-Tuesday or on a Thursday-Friday. For each of these time slots you are expected to choose one course each quarter. Seven learning trajectories are defined. For each course, the learning trajectories in which it fits are listed in the table below.

On Wednesdays the 3 ECTS courses are offered. Please note that these courses are compulsory for your Bachelor’s degree.

2nd Semester, 4th Quarter
Mo-Tue (6 EC courses)
Wed (3 EC course, compulsory)
Thur-Fri (6 EC courses)