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Programme of B1

The bachelor's programme comprises three years of 60 credits (EC). Each year is divided into four periods (quarters) of 15 EC.

First-year courses lay the foundation in knowledge and skills for the rest of the Bachelor's programme. But the first year also serves as a filter: If you are able to pass all (or most) first year courses, you will be able to handle the rest of the programme as well. If you fail to pass a minimum amount of ECs in the first year, you cannot continue the Molecular programmes (see Binding Study Advice).

The first-year courses for each period are listed below, with the study load shown in parentheses (EC). The first year has a fully mandatory curriculum. The Chemistry and Molecular Life Sciences programmes in the first year overlap for 85%, the Science programme deviates a bit.

Switching programmes?

You can use the first year to decide which aspects of molecular sciences are the most interesting for you and you can switch programmes. It is best if you make your choice before the start of the fourth quarter. Also, see below the table for more information.

If you switch from Chemistry to Science, you need to take the courses NWI-MOL159 Linear Algebra for Science students, NWI-MOL133 Mechanics and Lab and NWI-MOL134 Electricity and Magnetism (or courses with corresponding content) at some point in your Bachelor's programme.

Switching from Chemistry to MLS is possible until the end of the first year without taking extra courses (i.e. the first year's programmes are mutually exchangeable).

If you switch from MLS or Science to Chemistry after the first year, you need to make sure that the courses NWI-MOL122 Chemical Analysis 2, NWI-MOL136 Physical Concepts of Chemical Processes, NWI-MOL126 Synthesis Lab 1b, and NWI-MOL139 Sustainable Chemistry are in your Bachelor's programme Chemistry.