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Programme of B2

Also the second year is basically a fixed programme. Knowledge of all fields of chemistry is extended and the relevant physical and mathematical background is deepened. The courses are organized in learning lines along the themes:

  • Data Analysis
  • Fundamentals of Matter
  • Synthetic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry

With an addition of a 'physics 2' course and a biochemistry 2 course.

The schedule below shows the courses in each quarter with EC' s in parentheses. Some courses are given during a whole semester.

All second year students in Molecular Sciences take a course in Panorama Science and activities for Academic Skills continue to be scheduled.
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* The course MOL170 Panorama Science & Society is given in Q3 (MOL170A) and in Q4 (MOL170B). The topics vary, but the courses are interchangeable, you can take the one that fits your personal schedule.

Other compulsory courses are scheduled in the third year, but you cab take them whenever you want: Writing skills and Philosophy

  • NWI-FCEM02B Writing about Science can be taken in any quarter but the second.
  • NWI-FFIL101 Philosophy is scheduled in the first (Q1) and second (Q2) quarter
    Q1: aimed at physics topics, may be in Dutch
    Q2: aimed at molecular topics, in English
  • NWI-FFIL100 Philosophy is scheduled in the fourth period (Q4) and treats topics from biology.