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Master's programme after Bachelor Chemistry

After finishing your bachelor's programme in Chemistry you have various choices if you want to continue in a master's programme.

Radboud University organizes the master's programme Molecular Sciences with these specializations:

As a graduate of the bachelors programme in Chemistry you will have access to all specializations in this masters programme.

You can also apply to a masters programme at another university in the Netherlands or abroad to specialize in a field that is not available in Nijmegen. In this case you will probably have to check the requirements of that master's programme.

If you want to become a high school chemistry teacher Radboud offers three possibilities:

  • After graduating from a science master specialisation you follow the post-master programme at the Radboud Teaching Academy
  • You can also follow the complete master 's programme in Science Education (Educatie in de Bètawetenschappen) in Dutch
  • A Bachelor in Chemistry with the education minor programme allows you to teach in the lower classes 'second degree teaching')