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Minor programme (2nd year)

The Bachelor's programme of Computing Science offers a space for a 15 EC minor programme and 12 EC free electives (which may be combined with your minor forming a minor of up to 27 EC). On paper, these are concentrated in the first semester of the third year, which is designated as a minor and exchange semester.

Nevertheless, some external minors may contain courses that are taught in consecutive years (e.g. if one course contains prior knowledge for another one). In that case, you may already want to think about taking a course for your minor in your second year. For that reason, we are also informing you of minors in the context of the second year.

If you would like to take a minor for which this applies and need help planning, please consult your study advisor to discuss the options. Note also that some courses of the second year can be moved to the third year to achieve more flexibility in your curriculum. See this page for further information about flexible planning.