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Minor programme

The Bachelor's programme of Computing Science offers room for a 15 EC minor programme and 12 EC free electives (which may be combined with your minor forming a minor of up to 27 EC). These are concentrated in the first semester of the third year, which is designated as a minor and exchange semester. In case you spend this semester abroad, you may replace the course NWI-IBC035 Academic Writing for students of Computing Science by an equivalent course from the foreign university (subject to approval by the Examination Board).

The minor and free electives will give you the possibility of looking beyond your own field. The minor can be filled in with standard packages from the university offer, or can be compiled individually subject to approval by the Examination Board. The full package of minor programmes offered by the Science faculty can be found in the minor prospectus.

Minor programme as transition to another master

For students of Computing Science, the following minor programmes may be particularly interesting in relation to a potential follow-up master programme in Information Sciences or Artificial Intelligence, or a future as teacher:

For bachelor students of Computing Science, the minor Business Administration for Computer Science has been specifically compiled to give access to the Information Sciences master. This minor contains courses from the faculty of Management (Business Administration) and consists of 3 courses of 6 EC.

For students interested in Artificial Intelligence, a minor AI has been compiled which can be expanded to prepare for enrollment in the  master programme Artificial Intelligence.

Interfacultairy minor Data Science

As of 2020, there is a new interfacultary minor Data Science that might also be of interest to students of computing science. For obvious reasons, this minor programme is only acccessible to students of Computing Science that are not taking Data Science in their specialisation. Further details can be found here.