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Internship Forms

Aspects relevant to planning
Aspects that are relevant when planning the internship, most of these will be asked when filling out the Osiris case:

  • Date start of internship
  • Expected deadline practical work
  • Planned date final presentation
  • Planned date for handing in the report
  • Planned date debriefing internship
  • Other activities during internship (e.g. courses, student-assistant)
  • Number of ec the internship encompasses (practical work, final presentation, final report)
  • Short description internship subject
  • Also add max. 1 A4 research proposal as an attachment
  • Which parts of the internship provide a Molecular character?

Assessment Rubric

The form below (a Rubric) is used to evaluate and grade your internship. It shows you what is expected of you and to what level.

Internship Agreement (for external internships)

It is recommended to use the form below when you have accepted an external internship:

Internship Agreement (pdf, 425 kB) (pdf, 425 kB)

Make sure you fill out the first three pages yourself, sign it, and have the external company/University fill out the rest and sign it as well.