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Internship Forms

Aspects relevant to planning
Aspects that are relevant when planning the internship, most of these will be asked when filling out the Osiris case:

  • Date start of internship
  • Expected deadline practical work
  • Planned date final presentation
  • Planned date for handing in the report
  • Planned date debriefing internship
  • Other activities during internship (e.g. courses, student-assistant)
  • Number of ec the internship encompasses (practical work, final presentation, final report)
  • Short description internship subject
  • Also add max. 1 A4 research proposal as an attachment
  • Which parts of the internship provide a Molecular character?

Assessment Rubric

The form below (a Rubric) is used to evaluate and grade your internship. It shows you what is expected of you and to what level.