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Searching and organising

How to choose an internship department?

  • This prospectus contains a list of research departments that are suitable for doing your research internship. For some departments there are prerequisites. Check the list and start looking for an internship timely.
  • For instance, think about the discipline that interests you most. You can also  and discuss your considerations with your academic mentor.
  • Or think about the courses you enjoyed or found interesting and which lecturers appealed to you. Visit the department website to see what kind of research is being done there. Consider whether you meet the required knowledge criteria of the department: Are your electives in line with the research of the department? Talk to senior students, student assistants, lecturers, etc. about your interests.
  • Think back on the colloquia you attended.
  • Contact the department(s) in which you are interested: send an e-mail to the professor or one of the lecturers to schedule an appointment. They may possibly refer you to another staff member first.
  • Discuss the potential for an internship. What kind of research could you contribute to? Does this research appeal to you? Talk to your future supervisor as well (often a PhD candidate) about the research to see if there is a match. It’s ultimately your decision whether or not you accept an internship position.