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Admission requirements, goals and competences

Admission requirements

Admission requirements for the Bachelor’s degree programmes in Chemistry and Molecular Life Sciences are briefly described below. For detailed information about registration and admission, please visit the Radboud University admission website. If after this you have any questions, please contact the student advisor.

Proficiency in English

The Chemistry programme and the Molecular Life Sciences programme are open to international students and will be taught entirely in English. Sufficient proficiency in English is part of the admission requirements. Students with a Dutch VWO diploma are considered to be sufficiently proficient. Details for other countries can be found on the admission website.

HBO Bachelor’s diploma

HBO students who have an HBO Bachelor’s in Chemistry or Chemical Technology are automatically admissible to the Bachelor’s programmes in Chemistry, Molecular Life Sciences and Science.
Via a pre-Master’s programme (60 EC), an HBO Bachelor Chemistry or Chemical Technology student can be admitted to the Master’s degree programmes in Molecular Sciences.

Apart from a Pre-Master's after finishing your HBO Bachelor's, the institute for Molecular Sciences offers a programme that you can use in your HBO Bachelor's programme as a minor. This programme contains 30 EC and is scheduled in the first semester of the academic year.

Information for HBO-students: contact the study advisor Wilma Philipse: w.philipse@science.ru.nl (024-365 3173). For the minor, you should, of course, also consult your coordinator at school.