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Programme of B2

The second year curriculum for the Bachelor’s programme in Molecular Life Sciences is shown in the tables below. Also see the complete overview here.

Quarters 1 and 2 consist of compulsory courses. The differentiation phase starts in the third quarter (see second table), in which you choose combinations of courses that lead to your desired specialization in molecular life sciences. You can choose to specialize in a medical biological direction or in a bio-molecular direction.

The differentiation phase specifically prepares you for either a medical biology masters programme or a molecular sciences masters programme.

When choosing your combination of courses, make sure you check the admission criteria for your future master's programme. Even though both specialization trajectories are designed in such a way that you should not encounter problems.
These are the recommended courses in Q7 and Q8 of the MLS programme (in brackets the codes for relevant master specialisations are given). 6 EC courses are given on Mo-Tue, or on Thur-Fri. 3 EC courses are given on Wednesdays.

NWI-MOL170A is a compulsory course. As an alternative you can follow NWI-MOL170B in the fourth quarter, together with chemistry students.

4rd Quarter
Chemical Specializations

Biological Specializations

NWI-BB017C Advanced Molecular Biology (6EC)

NWI-BB017C Advanced Molecular Biology (6EC) (HB/FG) OR 
NWI-BB048B Endocrinology (6EC)

3 EC Elective OR
NWI-FFIL100 Philosophy I (3EC)
3 EC Elective OR
NWI-FFIL100 Philosophy I (3EC)
NWI-MOL163 Synthesis Lab 2 (6EC)

NWI-BB047C Medical Embryology (6EC) (HB/FG/NS) OR
NWI-BB094 Neurons & Synapses (6EC) (NS) (HB) OR 
NWI-BB087 Population and Evolutionary Biology (6EC) (FG)

At some time during your second or third year you should take the writing about science course and a philosophy course:

Writing skills and Philosophy