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Who can I ask to be my examiner/second reader?
Unfortunately not all researchers at the RU or Radboudumc can be an examiner. Some of them are so-called examiner, and are officially approved to grade students after their internship. Conceptually, an assistant / associate / full professor is, or can be, approved by the examination board to become an examiner. When you found an examiner who might be able to supervise you, always discuss this with them, and not just fill this in in Osiris Cases! (See Examiners)

If you want to know if your supervisor already is or could be an approved examiner, please mail the internship coordinators: internship.biosciences@ru.nl

My supervisor is not included in the list in Osiris cases?
Examiners approved by the examination board can be found in Osiris Cases. When your supervisor is not on the list, and/or you are not sure whether your examiner has been approved by the examination board, please contact edu.coord-science@ru.nl. When the researcher who offers the internship is not approved as a FNWI examiner, they can still be your daily supervisor.

Other questions? Internship coordinators (internship.biosciences@ru.nl).

What can I do if I cannot find an internship (yet)?
Finding an internship, especially a research internship in the medical field, can be challenging. You can check the following sites to see if there is a job opportunity available (See searching for an internship). Moreover, you can also send e-mails to get in contact with researchers in the field you are interested in.  Make sure you send a good motivation letter and CV. If you want to know more about this, please contact career service Science (https://www.ru.nl/fnwi/careerservice/). If you experience difficulties finding an internship, please contact the internship coordinators (internship.biosciences@ru.nl).

What do I need to do to register for an internship?
When you have found an internship, you need to register your internship in Osiris Case. This can be done using this manual and course guide for a Bachelor or Master internship (See Registering your internship).

What is required for an internship for (medical) Biology?
A research internship at  (medical)  biology has to meet the following requirements, according to the EER (https://www.ru.nl/courseguides/science/rules-requests/education-regulations/ ): The internship includes a (medical) biological research question (a research question derived from biological theory, with an emphasis on biological processes) that is investigated through laboratory experiments and/or data analysis. The findings are recorded and presented in a written report and an oral presentation. The internship must take place at a department of Radboud University or Radboud university medical center, or at an external research department, provided that permission in writing is given by the Examination Board prior to the start of the internship. The internship also takes place under the responsibility of an FNWI approved internal examiner (i.e. an examiner connected to the Radboud University or the Radboud university medical center). More information see: Searching for an internship and Examiners.

Where can I submit my report?
You need to submit your report by creating a new Case in Osiris (See Finishing your internship). Nevertheless, handing in your report trough Osiris Case requires an approved internship proposal. When you are not able to hand in your report, please check first whether your proposal was approved, or not.

How can I arrange a non-disclosure agreement?
When internship and/or thesis is confidential, the content cannot be shared by other parties and therefore you must have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). When you need to upload the internship report/thesis, you can select in thesissubmission whether your report/thesis is part of an NDA or not. If yes, your report/thesis is stored confidentially on the faculty servers and no plagiarism check is performed.

When the company/university you are doing your internship/thesis at does not agree with storage on the faculty servers, a ‘Declaration of storage of thesis for Review committee’  must be uploaded instead of your report/thesis. In this form, the company/university declares that the thesis/report will be stored for 5 years and will only be (confidentially) shared for possible review by the Examination Board. This declaration can be found by your supervisor (examiner) under 'Forms' on Radboudnet, FNWI, or you ask internship coordinators (internship.biosciences@ru.nl).