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Career Orientation and prospects

Carier orientation in the master programme

There are various ways in which the Master's helps you prepare for your career. By choosing the specialisation of your choice in the first year, you take a first step in the direction that you want to professionalise in: Cyber Security (as such or in relation to AI), Software Science, Data Science, or more foundational research. In the second year, the Research Internship associated with the specialisation of your choice provides a more concrete step involving career orientation, as you will also be arranging the internship yourself.

Finally, there are several individual courses that in one way or another will contribute to career orientation, either by guest lectures or otherwise. For students taking the Software Science specialisation, the courses in the GIP-House complex (Software Development Entrepreneurship or System Development Management) are a case in point.

In addition to these activities in your Master's programme, you may also contact the Radboud Career Service Science. Apart from the help they can offer in finding you a job, they organise events and workshops to provide you with the skills you may need.

Career prospects
Students that graduate from our master Computing Science have excellent career prospects. Quite often, students already find a job even while they are studying, or as a follow-up of their master project or internship. In general, specialists in computing science are in high demand. You may check the links below for some examples of career prospects in relation to the specialisation of your choice.