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Master Specialisation Cyber Security and AI - General introduction

As of 2023, our programme offers the new master specialisation Cyber Security and AI.The interplay between these two fields provides solutions to many real-world problems, but also brings new challenges. In this unique specialisation, you will learn to understand the latest approaches of the interaction between both domains. 

The main objective of this specialisation is to educate a new generation of security experts capable of understanding and following the latest approaches at the intersection of cyber security and AI.You will take courses following various aspects of cyber security (e.g., applied cryptography, physical attacks on secure systems), AI courses to extend the knowledge on relevant domains (e.g., deep learning, natural computing), and courses considering both cyber security and AI (e.g., security and privacy of machine learning). The programme also gives opportunity to consider not only technical but also sociotechnical aspects of cyber security and AI. Finally, the programme gives you the chance to learn about AI in security but also security of AI, which is a relatively new, but very active domain.

Coordinator of the master specialisation Cyber Security and AI is dr. Stjepan Picek.