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Master Specialisation MFoCS - General introduction

The Master's specialisation of Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (MFoCS) focuses on understanding the fundamental mathematical concepts of computation and information, to explore the potentials of computer science. The programme has a unique theoretical and abstract focus that unites mathematics and computer science. For this master specialisation we invite students with a bachelor in mathematics or computer science that have a strong mathematical background and theoretical interests.

The MFoCS specialisation covers a wide range of material at the intersection of mathematics and theoretical computer science. The emphasis of the programme is on a combination of a genuine theoretical and up-to-date foundation in the pertinent mathematical subjects combined with an equally genuine and up-to-date training in key aspects of theoretical computer science. Courses in the programme range from the use of mathematics to model the foundations and explore the potentials and limits of computer science to the use of computers to help solve mathematical problems with a discrete component. The mathematics courses in this curriculum concentrate on Algebra, General Topology, Logic, Number Theory, and Combinatorics. The computer science courses concentrate on Formal Methods, Type Theory and Theorem Proving.

The curriculum contains a range of research projects, which are organised in the MFoCS Research Seminar, a Research internship and a Master's Thesis project. In addition, you can take part in the Mastermath programme, meaning you can follow advanced mathematics courses pooled by all Dutch universities. A majority of the courses are electives giving you the choice of how a strong an emphasis you want to place on mathematical or on computer science aspects.

MFoCS brings students in contact with the research frontier of the field. This specialisation is connected to the research that is performed in collaboration with both the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences (iCIS) and the Institute for Mathematics, Astrophysics and Particle Physics (IMAPP). Researchers from both institutes work together in mathematical logic and theoretical computer science. The research in this field is aimed at gaining a better understanding of the mathematical foundations of computer science.

Coordinators of the Master Specialisation MFoCS are dr. Jurriaan Rot and dr. Sebastiaan Terwijn.