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Goals and Competences of the master Information Sciences

The Information Sciences study programme aims to enable students to work and think at an academic level and to ensure that graduates of the programme develop the necessary compentences in relation to the following areas:

  1. In relation to IT-related knowledge and skills, the ability to:
  • compile a balanced set of requirements;
  • map out and analyse the mutual relationship of an information system with its environment and the relationship between the components of the system;
  • create a design of an information system that meets the set of requirements;
  • guide and monitor the actual construction of an information system;
  • understand the social aspects of ICT.

  1. In relation to fundamental knowledge and skills, the ability to:
  • guide the implementation of a project plan;
  • communicate in an effective and suitable manner;
  • conduct the necessary negotiations with the different stakeholders;
  • work, think and reflect on their own contribution at an academic level;
  • provide a mathematical foundation.
  1. In relation to domain knowledge and skills, the ability to:
  • analyse, model, reason and validate a solution based on a given problem scenario in a domain relevant to information science.