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Programme of Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

The Master’s specialisation in Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science is taught at the Faculty of Science. It has a course load of 120 EC (two years).

The Master’s degree programme content chosen by the student may, after prior permission from the Examination Board, contain a maximum of 12 EC of third year courses from the Bachelor’s programme in Mathematics. This may exclusively consist of third year courses that have not been part of the student’s Bachelor’s programme.

Courses may differ per academic year, but the core topics of Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science remain rather constant.

Specialistion coordinator: Dr. S.A. Terwijn and Dr. F. Wiedijk

The master specialisation Mathematical Foundations of Computing Science consists of

A. Major 30 EC
B. Minor 24 EC
C. Mathematical electives 16 EC
D. Master Thesis Project Mathematics 40 EC
E. Professional Preparation 1 EC
F. Philosophy 3 EC
G. Free electives 6 EC

A. Major (30 EC)

Mandatory courses for this major are listed in the table below. The Major should be completed with master courses that are related to this specialisation.

The specialisation coordinator or your thesis supervisor can help you choose your courses.

1st Semester 2nd Semester
NWI-IMC010 Type Theory and Coq (6 EC) X
NWI-WM069B Computer Algebra (6 EC) X
NWI-WM115B Master Seminar (3 EC) X
NWI-IMC049 MFoCS Seminar (3 EC) X

The remaining EC need to be chosen from MasterMath courses that fit in the specialisation or courses from the table below. A list of Mastermath courses per specialisation (pdf, 75 kB) is provided. Course information for these courses may be found on the Mastermath website. Information about the RU courses can be found in the course finder.

RU Mathematics courses 1st Semester 2nd Semester
NWI-WM069B Computer Algebra X
NWI-WM120C Computability Theory X
RU Computing Science courses
NWI-I00032 Advanced Programming X
NWI-I00139 Proof Assistants X
NWI-IMC004 Compiler Construction X
NWI-IMC009 Automated Reasoning X
NWI-IMC011 Semantics and Domain Theory X
NWI-IMC035 Software Analysis X
NWI-IMC046 Model Checking X
NWI-IMC055 Quantum Processes and Computation X
NWI-IMC056 Statistical Machine Learning X

B. Minor (24 EC)

Your Minor is a self-determined set of coherent courses within Mathematics or another field of interest, but not within the major. The minor needs to be approved by the Examination Board.

An overview of all Mathematics courses offered by Radboud University is provided here. Courses offered by Mastermath may be found here. In case you have questions or need some help, contact your student advisor.

C. Mathematical electives (16 EC)

Mathematical electives are courses of choice within the field of Mathematics on Master's level. The mathematical electives need to be approved by the Examination Board.

D. Master Thesis Project Mathematics (40 EC)

E. Professional Preparation (1 EC)

F. Philosophy (3 EC)

One of the following courses should be completed:

G. Free electives (6 EC)

Free electives are any courses, not necessarily within the field of Mathematics.