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Faculty-wide courses

Elective Skills courses (Ba and Ma)

The following courses are open to all students of Faculty of Science.

Bachelor level
Q1 (for third year FNWI-students)
NWI-FNWI012 Leren & Onderwijzen in Bètawetenschappen (6EC)
NWI-FNWI015 Elementen van Bètaonderwijs (3EC)
NWI-FMT034 Climate Change: Science and Policy (3EC)
NWI-FC0041 Exploring Science in Society (3EC)
NWI-FMT035 Energy and Sustainability (3EC)
NWI-FNWI013* Ontwerp Onderwijs in Bètawetenschappen (6EC, for third year FNWI students)
NWI-FNWI014* Bètawetenschappelijk Onderwijs in Context: scientific literacy (3EC, for third year FNWI students)

* For these courses, you need to have followed NWI-FNWI012 first.

Master level
Q1 Q2
NWI-FNWI002 Scientific Writing (3EC)
Q3 Q4
NWI-FNWI001A Career Orientation (3EC) NWI-FNWI001A Career Orientation (3EC)
NWI-FNWI002 Scientific Writing (3EC)