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Procedure for registration of literature theses

The registration of your thesis will go via Osiris Cases (Osiris Zaak). It is therefore not possible to directly register for the course in Osiris.

  1. Start a Case in Osiris. Instructions can be found here (pdf, 161 kB)
  2. Indicate the research department and your examiner.
  3. When you submit your Case, you will automatically be registered for the course in Osiris the next day
  4. Once you have completed your thesis, please create a new Case in Osiris for uploading the final version. See instructions here. (pdf, 380 kB) (Please contact edu.coord-science@ru.nl if something went wrong with your upload).
  5. Your first assessor will receive an invitation for evaluating your report in Osiris Case. Once your assessor has assessed your report, they will hand in your grade to the administration. You can then look up your final grade in Osiris.

Please note: The registration for Systematic Reviews in Neuroscience (NWI-BM059) still goes via Osiris student.