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Programme of Human Biology

The Master's specialisation Human Biology consists of:

NB: since 2021-2022 a pilot within Human Biology is started to do one internship of 60 EC: NWI-BM-STAGE-HB. See the EER for further rules and implementation.

  • 15 EC Limited choice electives
    • 12 EC natural science courses or extension of one internship (6 EC max.)
      Choose at least one course from the EER. The remaining EC should be filled with academic courses within the field of natural sciences. If you want more information on a course, check out the course description via the course finder.
    • 3 EC Philosophy course, see the EER, under Limited Choice Electives.
  • 6 EC Free electives e.g. NWI-FNWI002 Scientific English
  • 0 EC NWI-BM054B Master Portfolio Biosciences

For a visual overview of the Master's programme click here.


To guide and structure the selection of courses, 4 non-mandatory topic-based trajectories, associated with specific courses, are offered.