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Programme of Medical Epigenomics

The Master's specialisation Medical Epigenomics consists of:

2 internships, 72 EC in total:

For a visual overview of the Master's programme click here

To guide and structure the selection of non-mandatory courses below we list electives matching the overall theme of this specialisation.

Mainly second quarter courses:

  • Oncology (NWI-BM015C)
  • Data Visualisation for the Life Sciences (NWI-BM083)
  • Human Breathomics (NWI-BM086)
  • Sharpen your Scientific Skills (NWI-BM088)

Courses in other quarters:

  • Principles of Systems Biology (NWI-BM016C)
  • How imaging gave birth to modern cell biology (NWI-BM087)
  • Bio-ethics for Life Sciences (NWI-FFIL203B)
  • Science and Values (NWI-FFIL218)