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Programme of Physics of Molecules and Materials

The master specialisation Physics of Molecules and Materials comprises of

A. Mandatory courses - Physics of Molecules and Materials 18 EC
B. Elective courses - Physics and Astronomy 24 EC
C. Master Thesis Physics and Astronomy 60 EC
D. Professional Preparation 2 EC
E. Philosophy 3 EC
F. Free electives 13 EC

Note: If you are unsure how to create a coherent programme that prepares you for a Master's thesis, you can contact the specialisation coordinator Daniel Wegner for advice.

A. Mandatory Programme (18 EC)

B. Elective courses - Physics and Astronomy (24 EC)

Elective courses should be chosen in consultation with the prospective supervisor or the coordinator of the Master specialisation. An overview of the elective courses offered in the Physics of Molecules and Materials specialisation can be found here. However, you are not restricted to this selection of Physics and Astronomy courses. Part of your elective course programme can take the form of a synergy track in Computational and Data Science.

C. Master Thesis Physics and Astronomy (60 EC)

D. Professional Preparation (2 EC)

E. Philosophy course (3 EC)

One of the following courses should be completed:

F. Free electives (13 EC)

Free electives can be chosen from any other specialisation or programme, not necessarily within Physics and Astronomy. You can also consider courses from the societal specialisations or NWI-FNWI002 Scientific English (3 EC, every quarter) to support your writing process.