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Programme Gravity+

The Gravity+ synergy track reflects the unique Radboud expertise on the role of gravity in the universe, from the largest to the smallest length scales. This track brings together the worlds of physics, mathematical physics, and astronomy, covering a wide range of topics that encompasses classical and quantum gravity, the mathematical foundations of general relativity, and (observational) astrophysics. The track intersects with the Master's specialisations in Mathematics and Particle & Astrophysics. The aim is to bring our students to the forefront of international research in gravity, including the unique program conducted at Radboud University exemplified by the recent breakthrough in black-hole imaging through the Event Horizon Telescope.

The synergy track consists of a 9 EC core curriculum:

First semester
Quarter 1 Quarter 2
NWI-NM107 General Relativity (6 EC)
Second Semester
Quarter 3 Quarter 4
NWI-NM124 Gravity+ Club (3 EC)

This core curriculum should be supplemented to at least 15 EC by dedicated electives based on your interests:

* Choose only one of these two courses