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Short Stay Abroad

Do you want to broaden your horizon and make new international friends? You can take part in a summer or winter school abroad! We call this Short Stay programmes

Short Stay - Summer or winter schools abroad

Many universities offer you the possibility to take part in their summer or winter school. These programmes usually take place somewhere in July, August and September or in the winter break in December/January and they vary in duration from 1 to 6 weeks.

Read Robin's testimonial (docx, 169 kB) about his time in Cádiz.

The Faculty of Science, in collaboration with Radboud University's department Student Life, offers grants as a contribution to the costs for these short stay programmes

How to apply for a Short Stay Grant?

You can find the exact procedure here;

Applications must be sent by e-mail to the International Office of the Faculty of Science: c.mooren@science.ru.nl

Things you should keep in mind when searching for a summer programme:

  • Please note that in some countries the language of instruction is the language of the country. Make sure whether this is the case.
  • Pay attention to the deadline of application. Sometimes this is long before the programme starts, sometimes only a few weeks before it starts. In most cases ‘first come, first serve’ applies. Don’t wait too long with applying for a programme; you yourself are responsible for your application!
  • Although it is often possible to receive a grant from the faculty or another institution, there are still some costs you will have to pay yourself. The grants usually only cover (part of the) education, transport and housing expenses. Food and drink expenses are for your own account, and vary depending on the country of choice.

Where can I go next summer?

Use the following links to orientate yourself for the possibilities of summer schools. Please note that this list is not exhaustive. We are open to suggestions from students.

Please note the deadlines for every programme!

Highlighted by our faculty for summer 2023:

Vancouver Summer Program, Canada

Aarhus Summer School, Denmark

Zaragoza International Science and Technology Week, Spain

Grenoble Summer School, France

Steps to complete at Radboud University

Step one: Read the procedure

- Application procedure

Step two: Fill in the forms

- Application form (docx, 14 kB)

- Budget form (pdf, 109 kB)

- Webform