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Pre-Master's Human Biology

The pre-Master's Human Biology can preferably start in September, but other starting moments are also possible. The pre-Master's can end after P3 or P4 if at least 30 EC are done and passed. We recommend taking the R Programming course on top of the required 30 EC, because it is beneficial for the Master's research internships. This course can be done in Period 1 on campus and in Period 2, 3 and 4 in self study.

For start in September, you see the programme below.

Period 1 (Sep-Nov)

Genomics in Health and Environment (NWI-BB086) - with Human Genetics practicals

Introduction to R Programming (NWI-BB095) - optional

Period 2 (Nov-Jan)

Molecular Principles of Development  (NWI-BB084B)

Introduction to R Programming (NWI-BB095) - optional

Period 3 (Feb-Apr)

Principles and Practice of Human Pathology (NWI-BB025B)

Introduction to R Programming (NWI-BB095) - optional

Immunology (NWI-BB019B)

Period 4 (Apr-Jul) - additional course(s) possible or change a P4 course with a course of an earlier quarter

Advanced Molecular Biology (NWI-BB017C)

Introduction to R Programming (NWI-BB095) - optional

Medical Embryology (NWI-BB047C)

Any alternative routes can be discussed, please contact the Admission Office Science.

For general information about the pre-Master's, please visit the page Pre-Master's Medical Biology.