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Free minor request

Please use the form below when you would like to present a free minor request to the examination board.

A study programme contains a minor space of at least 15 ECTS in which students can participate in at least one minor. The regular minors that are offered by Radboud University can be found here.

If a student wishes to follow a minor that is not offered by Radboud University, a request for approval should be submitted to the Examination Board . This minor will be labelled as a “free minor” and needs to meet the following requirements:

  • The minor must encompass at least 15 EC and at most 30 EC;
  • The minor must be thematically coherent;
  • There should be no substantial overlap with other parts of the Bachelor's degree programme.

Obligatory documents

When you want to submit a free minor request to the Examination Board, the following documents are obligatory:

- A written motivation (maximum of 1 A4) in which you describe why you want to follow a free minor and how the courses in your programme are thematically interrelated;

- A completely filled in programme approval form. Please fill in the courses that you have taken so far and that you intend to take. If you are still unsure about the courses you want to take in the future and therefore can not fill in all the required information yet, please mention this in the comment section of the programme approval form.

- An overview of links to the course-descriptions of the courses in your minor, to be found in the courseguide of the respective educational institution. Preferably, place these links in the programme approval form. Add a document with a copy of the course descriptions when there are no direct links available.

Without the foregoing documents, your request will not be processed.