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Results on transcript

When you are engaged in more than one bachelor’s or master’s and you want to obtain more than one diploma, certain rules apply concerning the processing of grades for courses which are a part of multiple programmes.

The legal point of view is:

  • A course can only be listed with a grade on the final list if this course was done while enrolled in the program the course belongs to;


  • The grade for a course can only appear on one transcript

Until now these regulations were not upheld at Radboud University. As of now the university will act in accordance with these regulations.


  1. When you are enrolled for a double Bachelor’s programme with the same starting date (and graduation date), results of courses that are part of both study programmes cannot be on the transcripts of records of both Bachelor’s programmes. One transcript of records will show the result of such a course, the other transcript of records will say ‘exemption’. The basis of this is that the results of all obligatory courses of a study programme will be shown on the transcript of records. The student is not free to choose which courses will be labeled as ‘exemption’. Though an alternative is being offered, namely: the student can choose one “main” study programme of which all results will be named and shown, instead of saying ‘exemption’. For more information, please contact the student advisor.
  2. When participating in two Bachelor’s programmes of which the starting dates are not equal, the following rules will be used:
    1. The results that have been achieved when the student was enrolled for one programme only, will be shown on the transcript of records with a grade. The programme that the student has later enrolled for later, will show the results that previously have been achieved in the first programme as ‘exemption’ on the transcript of records.
    2. The results that the student has achieved in the time that the student was enrolled for both programmes will be dealt with according to rule number 1.
  3. If a student has completed courses at a different university prior to enrollment at Radboud University and these courses correspond with courses taught at RU, the Examination Board could give an exemption from certain courses. These courses will be labeled as ‘exemption’ on the final list.
  4. Courses completed within the “RU talent program for high school students” can also be noted as an ‘exemption’ on the final list, as these courses are completed prior to being enrolled as a student at RU.

For the sake of completeness: when calculating the average exam grade, exemptions are not included in the calculations.

Should you have any questions about exemptions, please contact your student advisor.