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Mentoring Programme

Essential guidance with respect to academic content is primarily provided to you in the courses, by teachers, in the handbooks and during tutorials and practical sessions. The information garnered from these resources, sessions, and course assignments and exercises, will inform you about the skills and knowledge you need to pass your courses. Also pay attention to the STIP page for programme-wide information.

In addition, all first-year Artificial Intelligence students are divided into coaching groups which are supported by a junior coach (an older-year AI student) and a senior coach (often a student advisor). The coaching groups meet about 20 times a year in the context of the Personal & Professional Development 1 course. Topics of discussion include practical matters such as course and examination enrollment, as well as studying, time management and personal well-being. The junior coach is one of the first points of contact for study-related problems or questions. For significant problems and concerns, the junior coach will refer students to the senior coach and student advisor.

In the second and third years of the programme, there will be most likely a continuation of the PPD line of courses. On top, you can always consult teaching staff or visit one of the student advisors if you have any questions or concerns.

The student advisors for 1st year students are Marloes van Rootselaar (also involved in the coaching programme) and Simon Hazenberg.