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Enrollment Procedure for Courses, Examinations and Resits

PLEASE NOTE: The Faculty of Social Sciences' course regulations (course codes with SOW) differ from the Faculty of Science course regulations (course codes with NWI)!

Enrollment in (and possible withdrawal from) courses and examinations should be done through Osiris.

For Faculty of Social Science courses:
Enrollment through Osiris is compulsory for all courses, practicals and tutorials and must be done 4 times a year, before the start of each period. If a course's tutorial is not listed in Osiris then the information can be found in Brightspace. When you are enrolled in a course, you are automatically registered to sit the 1st chance examination. Please note: Participation in the examination is only possible if a student meets the requirements as set out in the EER. Students who do not meet these requirements will have their examination registration withdrawn. In that case, registration for the examination can only be organised by means of a written permission from the examination board (excieai@ai.ru.nl). This can be done up to five working days before the course's examination takes place.

You can enroll in a course up to two weeks after it has commenced. In case you only take the examination, you must still be enrolled in the course in order to gain access to the course's Brightspace information and to obtain a grade.

Withdrawal from examinations and courses is compulsory where a student has already enrolled but does not plan to participate. Any student who failed to withdraw will be awarded an examination mark of 0.

Resits: Students who wish to resit an examination must enroll separately via Osiris. Do so immediately after you have received an insufficient grade! NON-REGISTRATION means NON-PARTICIPATION. Students may not sit an examination more than twice for the same course. 
Extra opportunities for examinations are only awarded in cases where the student would incur a study delay of more than 1 semester.