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Recommended Electives B3

Free electives are meant to broaden or deepen students' knowledge. They should therefore not overlap with other courses in the curriculum. Any course can be a free elective taken this into account.

In case you wish to choose a course that doesn't appear in this list of recommended electives, and you are unsure whether there may be an overlap, you can ask the examination board for advice using this Request form (pdf, 79 kB) B3 electives 2023-2024 and send it to excieai@ai.ru.nl. Please do not print and sign the form but sign digitally using the button (first save the form)!

The indication IT or CC is an indication for which of the two Master specialisations the course is more valid.

Be aware that overlap between courses cannot always be avoided. Therefore, check the schedules when registering (including the exam scheduling!)


Courses EC
AI course
SOW-BKI208 Capita Selecta 3
SOW-BKI209 Capita Selecta 3
SOW-BKI330 Bachelor Internship 3
Psychology Courses
You can find information of psychology courses that are made available for AI students here. (The course SOW-PSB1E06B General introduction to Psychology can not be taken as a free elective).
FNWI (Science) courses
NWI-IBC027 Algorithms and Data Structures 6
NWI-IBC016 Combinatorics 3
NWI-IBC028 Complexity (CC) 3
NWI-IBC003 Computability (CC) 3
NWI-WB011 Discrete Mathematics (Dutch) 3
NWI-IPC025 Hacking in C 3
NWI-NB062B Inleiding Machine Learning (Dutch) (CC) 3
NWI-IBC023 Introduction to Cryptography (IT/CC) 6
NWI-I00036 IT and Society (IT) 3
NWI-IPC002 Languages and Automata 3
NWI-IBC047 Law, Privacy and Identity (IT) 3
NWI-IPI004 Logic and Applications 6
NWI-IPC020 Mathematical Structures 3
NWI-NB027B Neurophysics 1 (CC) 3
NWI-NB074B Neurophysics 2 (CC) 3
NWI-IBC019 Operating System Concepts (IT) 3
NWI-IBC042 Parallel Computing (IT/CC) 3
NWI-IPC006 Processors (IT) 3
NWI-IPC021 Security 6
NWI-IBC025 Semantics & Rewriting 3
NWI-IBC026 Semantics and Correctness 3
Language Technology Courses
LET-ACWB209 Data Culture 5
LET-TWB251 Neurolinguistics (Dutch and English) 5
LET-TWB129 Phonetics (Dutch) 5
LET-TWB238 Syntax (Dutch) 5
Theory of Education Courses
SOW-PWB1050 Introduction Educational Science (Dutch) 4
Management Courses
MAN-BIN001A Introduction to Business Administration 1 (Dutch) 6
MAN-BIN116EN Introduction to Economics and Business 6
MAN-BKV64 Principles of Consumer Behaviour 6
MAN-BKV31 Student Company  (info in Dutch-English participation possible) 6