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Basisaantekening Psychodiagnostiek

The Dutch Association for Psychologists (in Dutch: NIP) issues the so called Basic Certificate in Psychodiagnostics (Dutch: Basisaantekening Psychodiagnostiek, BAPD, in Dutch). Obtaining this certificate is required for most positions in clinical settings in the Netherlands. Also, it is recommended to be admitted to the postmaster's programme Health Care Psychologist (in Dutch: GZ-opleiding) that qualifies you to work as a licensed psychologist in the Netherlands.

How to meet the BAPD requirements?

When you started your bachelor's programme in 2019-2020 or 2020-2021, you have to choose the bachelor and master's courses as stated in this accreditation (pdf, 127 kB) by NIP (2020, in Dutch).

In case you started in 2018-2019 or earlier on, your relevant courses are:

Theoretical requirements BAPD:

Corresponding bachelor's courses Psychology Radboud

Basic course Psychodiagnostics 
(5,7 EC at minimum)

Professional Skills, A (PSB1PS12) (2 EC out of 4 EC)
Methods of Professional Conduct (PSB1PS13) (2 EC out of 4 EC)
Clinical Assessment and Decision Making (2 EC out of 4 EC).
Klinisch professionele vaardigheden (PSB3DH66) 
(2 EC out of 6 EC)

Psychometrics and Decision Theory 
(5,7 EC at minimum)

Psychometrics (PSB2PS26) (4 EC)
Clinical Assessment and Decision Making (2 EC uit 4 EC).

Insight and skills regarding diagnostic methods and practice 
(5,7 EC at minimum)

Master's specialisation GZP: Psychodiagnostiek (MPSGP14) (8 EC)

Practical skills regarding tests and conversation techniques  
(8,6 EC at minimum)

Practicals of Development & Mental Health 2 (PSB2DH10) (1 EC); Brain & Cognition 2 (PSB2BC10) (1 EC) and Behaviour & Environment 2 (PSB2BE10) (1 EC)
Conversational Skills in Psychology (PSB2PS35E) (2 EC)
Klinisch professionele vaardigheden (PSB3DH66) 
(2 EC out of 6 EC)
GZP: Two Trainingen Klinische Vaardigheden 
(choice of 2 out of 5): MPSGP13A, MPSGP13B, MPSGP13C, MPSGP13D, 
MPSGP13F (3 EC each)

Communication skills (2,9 EC at minimum):

Professional Skills (PSB1PS14) (3 EC out of 5 EC)

Internship requirement: 200 hours of practical work in the field of psychodiagnostics, supervised by a certified counselor.

GZP: Klinische stage (MPSGP80), including three elaborate diagnostic cases (20 EC).

Did you take bachelor's or master's courses relevant for BAPD outside of Radboud University?

  1. Please ensure that the university of origin issues a statement to confirm which relevant BAPD-courses you passed and for how many EC's.
  2. Upon starting your GZP master's programme at Radboud University, please contact the responsible BAPD co-ordinator to check whether you fulfilled the requirements and/or discuss which additional courses you need.

Coordinator BAPD:

Dr. Sabine Stoltz, sabine.stoltz@ru.nl