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Basic Certificate for Sport psychology

The Dutch Association for Sport Psychology (Vereniging voor Sportpsychologie in Nederland, VSPN (pdf, 1,6 MB)) issues the socalled Basic Certificate for Sport Psychology (BASP). Obtaining this certificate entitles you the full membership of the VSPN and qualifies for the Postgraduate programme to Sportpsycholoog (in Groningen at the RUG / ISPP, zie https://ispp.nl/).

Psychology students will meet the BASP requirements, once you successfully complete:

You can either choose these courses as domain electives or as free electives.

Your research proposal for the internship and thesis needs approval by the domain co-ordinator and by the BASP co-ordinator.

Should you have a hard time to take a sport psychological internship and thesis in your domain, then there is an additional opportunity to conduct a literature review literatuuronderzoek (16 EC) to help you obtain enough relevant EC's to meet the BASP criteria.

Contact for BASP

Prof Ruud Meulenbroek, ruud.meulenbroek@donders.ru.nl