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B3 courses with specific entry requirements

You can only enroll for third year (B3) courses, once you obtained a positive BSA.

Next to that for specific courses the following conditions apply:

Enrolment for these courses... ... is open once you  completed
these courses...
... and learning objectives of
theses courses are required
Applied Research Methods

Statistics 2

Study abroad 60 ec B1*
Research Project 3 Bachelor's Thesis

60 ec of B1 (including participant hours), 119 ec in total
Research Project 2 Statistics 2
Research Methods

Data Analysis Psychometrics  
Applied Research Methods
Clinical Assessment and Decision Making

Professional Skills
Conversational Skills in Psychology

Klinisch professionele vaardigheden

Conversational Skills in Psychology
Nederlandse taalvaardigheid op B2 niveau

Clinical Assessment and Decision Making
Psychological Ethics

minimum of 90 EC in total

Brain & Cognition 3

Brain & Cognition 1

*only possible to go abroad from B3 + 60EC of B1 is passed