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Intelligent Technology

Intelligent Technology - Specialisation programme

From 2021-2022 onwards, the Intelligent Technology specialisation was split up in two specialisation tracks. Neurotechnology & Healthcare and Interactive Agents. In 2022-2023, the Societal Impact of AI was added.

The compulsory courses (21EC) and the final project (45EC) are shared by all three tracks.

Each track has a number of Specialisation Core courses to choose from (18EC). The tracks Neurotechnology &Healthcare and Interactive Agents share the same specialisation electives.

The Intelligent Technology specialisation also has a 'Double Master's Programme'. More information on this programme can be found in the content of the Master's Intelligent Technology Programme Space.

The coordinator of the Intelligent Technology specialisation is Kiki van der Heijden Kiki.vanderheijden@donders.ru.nl.

See the track programmes separately:
Neurotechnology & Healthcare 
Interactive Agents 
Societal Impact of AI

A Dual Degree with the University of Glasgow started in 2022-2023. The 1st year exists of courses at AI, the 2nd year will take place in Glasgow. Giulio Mecacci is the coordinator for this option (giulio.mecacci@donders.ru.nl).

Note: Courses with a DGCN code (*) are from the Research Masters Cognitive NeuroScience (CNS) programme. To take these courses, Artificial Intelligence Master's programme students must contact the head of the CNS programme, Arno Koning (a.koning@donders.ru.nl), requesting to join the course including a one paragraph motivation.

Students who started before 2023 can look in Osiris to find the descriptions of earlier programmes. Also look in the Transitional Arrangements on the STIP site, especially if a course from your cohort's programme is not taught any more. In cases of doubt, contact the student advisor: Johanna.glimmerveen@ru.nl.