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Master's specialisations

Radboud Universiteit

Radboud University offers three master's programmes in Gender & Diversity.

Diversities in Youth Care, Master's Specialisation Pedagogical Science

"In this master's programme, you will learn how diversities like ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual preference or socio-economic class may influence the kinds of problems children and youth experience, how they express these and in which ways you need to take these diversities into account as a professional pedagogue."

For more information: Master's specialisation Diversities in Youth Care

Master’s specialisation in Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Management (GEM)

Since September 2017 the Faculty of Business Administration has offered a Gender & Diversity master’s specialisation: Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Management (abbreviation: GEM).

The master’s specialisation focuses on the role and function of gender and diversity in the workplace, connecting what happens in organisations to the underlying power processes in politics and society. You will study how organisations produce different structural inequalities (regarding gender, ethnicity, sexuality, class, age, disability), and how these inequalities influence each other in organisational practice. You will explore the processes and practices of organisational change in this area. The programme addresses questions about strategy, culture and identity, leadership, and the inclusion of multiple stakeholders in organisational change.

Please visit the website for more information on the programme, career prospects and how to apply: www.ru.nl/masters/gem.

In case you have any questions, please send an e-mail to voorlichting@fm.ru.nl.

Master’s specialisation in Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Politics (GEP)

Gender equality, diversity and inclusion are hot topics in contemporary politics, organisations and society. Managing the diversity of the workforce is a key challenge for private and public organisations alike.

Are you interested in topical debates about the role gender, race, and ethnicity play in national, European and global political decision-making? Do you want to understand the positions of men and women of different backgrounds, gays, lesbians and transgenders in society and politics as well as the dynamics of gender hierarchies and gender politics? Then this programme is made for you!

Please visit the website for more information on the programme, career prospects and how to apply: www.ru.nl/masters/gep.

Other universities in the Netherlands

Moreover, the following master (specialisation)s in gender studies are also available in the Netherlands:

"Emancipation, the recognition of differences, and awareness of intersections of gender with other factors of identity making (class, race, age, sexuality, etc.) are crucial tools in analysing social and cultural relations in today’s postcolonial and post-secular societies. Our Master’s programme in Gender Studies provides you with an interdisciplinary understanding of these tools, as well as advanced analytical skills. You will be trained within an internationally diverse cohort of students and academic staff to become a professionally successful 'agent of change'."

"The programme combines a thorough grounding in the historiography and contemporary state of Gender Studies as a discipline with intensive training in the critical practice of cultural theories and epistemologies from feminist, postcolonial, critical race, and queer perspectives. In a highly interdisciplinary setting and with academic staff and fellow students representing a range of fields from anthropology to literary studies, you will be trained to apply these theories to the analysis of representations of gender in artistic practices, literary texts, political discourses and (new) media and technology. The international and intellectually challenging setting of this programme offers you the opportunity to broaden your horizon and to build an academic and professional network."

De Erasmus Universiteit biedt in de master Development Studies een major aan in Human Rights, Gender and Conflict Studies: Social Justice Perspectives. Binnen deze major zijn specialisaties mogelijk in Conflict and Peace Studies, Human Rights and Women and Gender Studies.