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Study advisor

There are several persons you can go to for study guidance, see below for who is who. If you doubt where to go, just contact one of them. They can always refer you to the right person if necessary. Do not hesitate to seek guidance. Usually students heave a sigh of relief after having discussed their doubts/problems.

Programme Coordinator 
For study guidance with respect to programme specific questions  (e.g. planning, choices, additional courses or visit abroad, doubts about the programme) you can contact the programme coordinator.

Study Advisor(s)
For more personal study-related questions or problems. You can contact the student advisors psychology. Make an appointment by following this link.
Or contact them through studentadvisor@psych.ru.nl or check the website.

Student Counseling
The Radboud University Student Affairs Office has a number of counsellors at the central administrative level. These include student psychologists, who can help you with personal problems of a psychological nature, and study career advisors, who can help you if you are having problems choosing your study.
The Student Affairs Office also provides a number of study skills courses throughout the year. Information about all these services can be found on the RU website; 'Counseling' or 'Training sessions/workshops'.

Well-being officer (for international students)
Drs. Eljan Smeets

Exceptional Circumstances 
We strongly advise all students who are affected by exceptional circumstances during their study to contact a student advisor. This not only includes students with a disability or handicap or students who participate in top-level sports but also students who are affected by other exceptional circumstances (such as illness, special family circumstances or personal circumstances) and are worried that this will slow down their studies. For these students the university offers provisions, for which you may want to submit a claim, but these are normally only available when the claim is submitted on time. See available financial support.